Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Clothes buying, and resisting the urge to splurge

I haven't posted anything for a while, because I have been on a work trip to the US, from which I returned a couple of days' ago.

While there, I couldn't help noticing how very well-dressed and groomed the people I saw were, and possibly as a result have been battling the urge to go out and spend money on clothes, make-up and so on since my return.

I have bought a pair of pointy-toed, purple shoes, which I had had my eye on for a while and went into the sale at a very good price, and which I had money in my allowance for, but have otherwise resisted temptation.

Here are some of the things I do when the urge to buy things comes over me:

Bookmarking links to things that are of interest. Sometimes I stalk them, see if they go in the sale. By that time, if they are still available in the right colour and size, I may have lost interest in buying them, if not, I should be able to get a better price for the thing.

Writing down the details of things I want. This works both ways: if have a list of most-needed or wanted items, I am less likely to stray from it when I do come to buy something. Also, if I have somewhere to record details of things then I can avoid an impulse buy, and return to it at a later stage, if I want to.

Unsubscribe to shopping e-mails: ignorance can be bliss!

Avoid going shopping, unless going with someone else who will discourage you from buying things, or go window shopping, or go without a credit card.

Browse my library catalog if I feel in the mood for an online spree. It sounds ridiculous, but it really works. Doing this, you might rack up some reservation fees, but even if you try probably won't be able to spend more than a few pounds!

Either do something else - cooking, or housework, or reading - or give into the shopping in a controlled way, perhaps by buying something small, and enjoying the process of choosing, and the experience of going shopping.

Also, having an allowance for personal spending really helps; it means that you feel able to spend a certain amount on clothes, make-up and treats, but you know your limitations.

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