Wednesday, 26 May 2010

On holiday

In the hurry of preparing to go away on holiday last week, I failed to post a note about my absence. So I am now writing from a hotel computer in Cyprus. I will be back at the end of next week, hopefully full of energy and enthusiasm, with some new ideas to write about. I have to say that I have not been giving personal finance, or many other issues for that matter, any deep consideration.

My main personal financial preoccupation at this moment revolves around the cost of drinking water. Here, the tap water is supposedly not drinkable - at home I always drink tap rather than bottled - and the hotel water from bar, restaurant or minibar costs a huge amount, say EUR$4.50 for a large bottle. So we are taking every opportunity to stockpile bottles of water wherever they can be bought cheaply, at shops away from the resort, or in the nearby supermarket.

That is about as deep as it gets at the moment...... Back soon.

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