Saturday, 10 October 2009

Making things: greetings cards

I am not very skilled at crafts, lacking artistic ability and not being handy, but I like the idea of making things, and generally enjoy doing so when I do attempt it. A while ago, I bought some cardboard, rubber stamps - one a futuristic swirly pattern, and one a rather pretty rose, and some red ink, with the intention of making some greetings cards. I have just tried doing so, and made a few rose-stamped cards. The ink pad had dried out rather, so I added a little water, in the end possibly too much, so the roses ran slightly, and one looks rather more like the man in the moon than a flower. But the exercise was quite satisfying, and I was mildly proud of some of the results, which I think are usable. And the craft materials I bought have at least now been put to some use.

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