Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Financial Capability volunteering

In a recent post, I mentioned that I had plans to do some different things now that I have left my full-time job, and am working freelance.  One of them is becoming a part-time volunteer financial capability adviser with the Citizens' Advice Bureau.  This is part of a fairly new UK scheme whose purpose is to train individuals on good financial management.  

I've always thought it odd that in the UK, at least, we aren't generally trained on money management at school or university, so as soon as I heard that this scheme existed, I decided I wanted to take part. I had previously considered training as a debt counsellor, or general CAB adviser, but I think I will find it more satisfying to prevent people from getting into debt in the first place, and to help them plan for their futures.

I start my training next week.  Apparently, once I'm trained and have observed a few sessions, I am likely to be presenting to groups in the Armed Forces, at Colleges of Further Education, and some charitable bodies.  

Sounds like fun to me - I will report back in due course...

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