Friday, 30 July 2010

I made a short, but sweet, list of my top possessions. What are yours?

I have been re-starting my de-cluttering project again recently; our house looks much better these days, but I am sure that there are still some things that we could do without.  As part of this,  and also while thinking about materialism, and home improvements, I have given some thought to what are my top ten possessions.  Not that I'm planning to get rid of everything else, but it seemed worthwhile to think about which, of my possessions, I really want to keep.   Partly, this was a useful reminder of how few of my belongings really matter to me.

Here's what I came up with - see that I didn't even get to ten:
  • My engagement ring.
  • The blue coat I had made last winter.
  • A silver christening spoon.
  • The armchair which belonged to my great-grandfather.
  • The portable writing-desk my grandfather gave me, which belonged to his aunt.
  • My Tod's handbag (a 30th birthday present)
  • My bed, with the headboard a friend made for it.
  • (Maybe) my apple laptop.
And that is actually about it.  Is that odd?  I would miss all my many books, but in a way it is not so much the physical books themselves that I need, as the memory of them, and hence the ability to find the information they contain again.  I don't value books as objects in themselves, very much.

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